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What Rights Do You Lose as a Convicted Felon in Georgia?

You might know that a conviction can be troublesome for your future, but do you understand all of the rights and freedoms you stand to lose as a convicted felon? Felony convictions can follow a person around forever, interfering with employment and housing opportunities as well as many other aspects of life. The myriad of…

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What Are the Criminal Charges for Underage Drinking in Georgia?

Georgia lawmakers take underage drinking seriously. You may think everyone does it, or that getting caught won’t have major or lifetime consequences. Unfortunately for teens, this isn’t true. One mistake involving underage drinking could follow you for years to come. The attorney you hire for your defense and the steps you take together can help…

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Georgia State Bill 614: What Would This Mean for People with Prior Convictions?

Georgia historically has strict anti-marijuana laws which criminalize the possession of cannabis for non-medical reasons. The state’s medical marijuana laws are also severely limited, although recent reports confirm Gov. Nathan Deal recently signed a bill to extend them. Getting caught with one ounce or less of marijuana is currently a misdemeanor, punishable up to one year…

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Chatham County Court Overview

There are many reasons you could find yourself heading to the Chatham County Courthouse in Georgia – a divorce case, probate court, criminal offense, or traffic citation could all lead to a court date. Each courthouse runs according to its own rules, requirements, and regulations. The more prepared you are for your case, the better,…

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Coastal State Prison Information

If the courts convict an adult male of a felony in Georgia, he may end up in the Coastal State Prison. The Georgia Coastal State Prison is in Chatham County, in Garden City. It is a medium-security institution with a maximum capacity of 1,836 inmates. The prison opened in 1981 and consists of twelve housing…

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