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Savannah Drug Traffic Offenses Attorney

Drug trafficking and related crimes are very serious offenses that can result in severe penalties, including fines and jail time.  Depending on the circumstances of your case, you could also be facing federal charges, which expose you to the possibility of much more severe penalties.  With so much at stake, be sure that you have strong representation from an experienced Savannah, GA traffic offense defense attorney.

As specialized criminal defense attorneys handling cases throughout the state of Georgia, we represent individuals who have been charged with, or are under investigation for, drug smuggling, drug trafficking, and related offenses.  Law enforcement aggressively pursues all drug trafficking and drug sales leads along the Georgia I-95 corridor, which is considered a high intensity drug trafficking area.  Even when the police uncover evidence that they believe casts suspicion on a person, they still have a responsibility to act in a professional manner and protect the rights of the accused.  Police misconduct or infringement of civil rights is just one of the many angles our attorneys consider in drug crimes defense.

In Georgia, drug crimes are subject to increasingly severe penalties under state and federal laws. Several federal laws enacted in recent years including The Patriot Act and The Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2000 also make it easier for law enforcement and tougher on those accused of drug offenses.

Georgia drug laws can generally be broken down into three basic categories: trafficking, possession with intent to distribute, or simple possession.  While virtually all drug offenses in Georgia are felonies, trafficking offenses carry severe mandatory minimum prison sentences that increase with the quantity of the drugs.

Georgia law assumes that individuals do not generally carry or possess large amounts of drugs or illegal narcotics for personal use; therefore, police and prosecutors believe that those who possess a large amount of a drug intend to sell, distribute or deliver that drug.  Essentially, the intentions of the individual caught in possession of drugs and the quantity he or she is holding are determined factors in being charged with drug trafficking.  No money has to change hands; in fact, money is not a factor.  Simply handling a large quantity of illegal drugs or narcotics over to another individual can leave you facing serious consequences.

Drug crimes and trafficking cases can be extremely complex. Our attorneys have extensive experience working on these difficult cases.  We understand the important issues associated with drug trafficking, distribution, and drug sales charges.  We take all necessary steps to build your defense, including:

  • Reviewing police procedure
  • Questioning the legality of a traffic stop
  • Investigating the facts of the case
  • Thoroughly preparing every case for trial while examining all options for resolution
  • Interviewing witnesses and law enforcement
  • Examining law enforcement’s evidence gathering process

Whether you have been charged in federal or state court for a drug crime, we carefully review every detail of your case and field the right tools and resources in order to develop a reliable and thorough defense on your behalf.

At the office of Jarrett Maillet J.D., P.C. we take your case personally.  We are aggressive, experienced and passionate about providing the highest quality service for our clients.  We handle cases throughout the state of Georgia.  We work exclusively in the defense of clients charged with state and federal crimes.  If you or a loved one has been accused of a drug trafficking offense contact our office today at 912-713-3426 for a free legal consultation.