8 Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal defense lawyer is capable of defending clients against various types of criminal charges from a misdemeanor to a felony. They can represent clients in civil matters and counsel them on their rights. Criminal defense lawyers also provide guidance to people accused of crimes in how to make their bail application and manage their case throughout the proceedings.

Below we have briefly highlighted eight of the benefits of hiring a criminal defense lawyer:

1. Provides Important Advice

They can offer you advice on the best way to approach your case and help navigate you through the criminal justice system. They can also advise you of any defense strategies that might be available to you. They understand their clients’ legal rights and make sure that those rights are upheld.

2. Make Bail Applications

Criminal defense lawyers make bail applications on behalf of their clients. If you have been granted bail, the criminal defense lawyer can provide advice on how to post a bail bond and what conditions are attached to your release, such as having to check in regularly with the police or not entering a particular area.

3. Prepare the Defense

Criminal defense lawyer prepares the defense. For example, if your case involves a charge under the Drug Act, they may instruct you to continue on a particular drug treatment programme. They address the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and work on strategies to defend you.

4. File Motions

Criminal defense lawyer files motions with the court that are designed to influence decisions which can help their clients’ cases move ahead or stall them, such as whether certain evidence should be excluded at trial or whether a judge can handle your case after he or she has taken leave of absence from it for personal reasons.

5. Prepare for Appeal and Other Proceedings

Criminal defense lawyer also prepares clients for other case hearings and court appearances in which the judge might want to know about the evidence against them. These could include appearances before a psychiatrist, medical doctor, probation officer or psychologist.

6. Provide Legal Advice and Counsel

You can also contact a criminal defense lawyer to get legal advice and counsel in civil matters such as handling divorce cases and other family law matters.

7. Represent Clients in Public and Private Matters

Criminal defense lawyers represent clients before the court or their trial judge. They also provide representation in criminal matters to judges and lawyers involved with the administration of justice.

8. Assist Clients through the Court Process

They can help you understand the court process and the various roles that are involved. They can explain how you should present yourself in front of a judge and what to expect, such as whether you will need to take an oath or where in the courtroom you should sit.

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