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Excellent, trustworthy, reliable

I am so happy with the service that I received from Jarrett Maillet. Jarrett did a great job solving my legal issue and I can’t recommend him enough! He was able to do everything quickly, painlessly, and was ALWAYS available to talk when I needed him. If I ever need help again, I will definitely use him!

– Criminal Defense Client

Quick to reply and very good at working with the prosecution

I recently hired Mr. Maillet to represent me in a case dealing with trespassing. I was facing some serious charges and thanks to the professionalism and expertise of Mr. Maillet I was able to have the charges dropped and only pay the court fees. I could not be more pleased with his work ethic, timeliness, and results of the case. I would highly recommend him to a friend.

– Criminal Defense Client

A great attorney, who has gone far beyond my expectations

I have had the opportunity to have Mr. Maillet represent me on several occasions. He has always been direct and honest with me in our encounters, and I have come to trust his judgment completely. He is one of the most personable, reasonable and understanding people that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I recommend him without reservation, to anyone seeking an attorney whom they can rely on to help them in their legal efforts.

– Travis, Criminal Defense Client

Got the result he said he would

First time we spoke he told me what he could do for me. Explained it from A to Z. Then we went to court and he delivered. I recommend this guy to any one. Not a big talker and I like that. [He] keeps it short and sweet and to the point and is willing to work out payment options.

– Perry, Criminal Defense Client

Helped me through two cases

Jarrett helped me through the process of a DUI as well as a possession charge that happened later in a different incident. He helped me through both processes very clearly and helped me find steps to better the situations. My possession will not be on my record thanks to his advise and helping me through the process.

– Andrew, Criminal Defense Client

Recent client of mr. Maillet’s

Attorney Jarrett Maillet was kind, considerate and very efficient in handling my recent case. He is an excellent lawyer and I would highly recommend him to everyone.

– Criminal Defense Client

Good lawyer, would hire him again if necessary

He was actually the 3rd lawyer I talked to but I’m glad I went with him. He was easy to talk to and helped me out with a payment plan. He handled my case as quickly and painlessly as possible, considering the situation. I hope I never need a lawyer again, but If I do I’d go with him again!

– Criminal Defense Client

Resolved my case

Thank you so much for all you did for me. Thanks for meeting me after hours and on weekends and helping me to resolve my case.

– George, Criminal Defense Client

Great experience

I had a great experience with Attorney Maillet. He was honest and up front and was reasonable compared to other attorneys in Savannah. He got me the best possible outcome and was always helpful when I called. He initally talked to me about my case and giving me guidance without taking any money. I would highly recommend him!!!

– Becky, Criminal Defense Client

Would recommend

Very good attorney. I would recommend him.

– Criminal Defense Client

Great lawyer!

“Mr. Maillet did an overall excellent job on my case! He was very informative and straight up with me the entire time, no sugar coating. He was great about answering his phone (call and text) and would almost always have an answer for any question I threw at him. I had the pleasure to have him defend me when I ran into some trouble with the law. Specifically, I was being charged with the possession of and sale of drugs.

Mr. Maillet kept in constant contact with both the arresting Officer and District Attorney. He was persistent and kept me informed about newly acquired information and, in a matter of 3 months from my arrest, was able to get my case completely dismissed! On top of everything, I was a college student at the time of my arrest so he was able to work with me on his price and even offered a payment plan which helped tremendously. I would definitely recommend Mr. Maillet to anyone seeking a defense attorney who will give it to you straight and work hard to make sure you get the lowest possible punishment on your charges.”

– Criminal Defense Client

He did an excellent job for my situation

“I visited Jarrett for a case on my past DUI case. When I arrived he greeted me with open arms and immediately asked me questions about my situation. I did most of the talking of course and towards the end he then asks me what I expect or what the outcome would be. I told him I just want all of this to go away. He proceeded to tell me that he is unable to guarantee me anything or make promises because that isn’t professional to be making statements as such. What he did tell me was that he was confident in reducing the charges and get the most minor outcome possible for my given scenario.

I’ll admit I was skeptical because this was my first offense for anything, and I had never seen or talked to a lawyer before. All I’m familiar with are the stereotypes and the movie Liar Liar. Well fortunately for me Jarrett was not the stereotype and was a huge exception. Every time I called him he either picked up or called me back shortly after that day. He [always kept] me informed as much as possible and always made sure to assure me of what he believes he can do for me. I’ll admit the price was pretty steep, but for me to have my DUI reduced to a Failure to Exercise Due Care, which from my understanding is an offense lower than reckless driving. The only regret I have is not shaking his hand after all was said and done. He even kept contact after the court session which also defines a good person. Regardless of the price, I would pay it again to be free of negativity on my record. Thank you Jarrett once again!”

– Herman, Criminal Defense Client