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Savannah Synthetic Drug Crime Attorney

Synthetic drugs are chemically laced substances similar to marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine that are sold over the counter at some convenience stores, gas stations and tobacco shops. It is important that you contact an experienced Savannah, GA synthetic drug defense attorney if you or a loved one have been accused or charged with a synthetic drug crime. Based on their chemical makeup, these drugs are commonly divided into two categories:

  • Cannabinoids – Popularly known as K2 or Spice, cannabinoids are chemically formulated versions of synthetic marijuana that consist of lab manufactured THC.
  • Cathinones – Often known as “bath salts”, cathinones contain chemical compounds that mimic the effects of cocaine or meth. Though the drugs’ packaging states the products are not intended for human consumption, their design, labeling and marketing clearly allude to the products being smoked and/or inhaled as a drug.

Savannah Synthetic Drug Crime Lawyer

Given the ease of acquiring these drugs in years past at convenience stores and smoke shops, many people in Georgia remain under the impression these drugs are legal to possess and use. This, however, is no longer the case. In 2012, the state outlawed synthetic marijuana. Senate Bill 370, a measure dedicated as Chase’s Law passed.

Under Chase’s Law, the ingredients used to make synthetic marijuana are listed as Schedule I drugs. This means that even possessing synthetic marijuana is a felony. The prison sentence for possession of the substance ranges from 1 to 15 years. All synthetic drugs are now classified as Schedule I controlled substances, the same as heroin and meth.

Savannah, GA synthetic drug defense lawyer Jarrett Maillet J.D., P.C. represents those charged with, or under investigation for, crimes related to designer drugs. He keeps up to date on the laws passed by the Georgia legislature and changes to the federal drug laws.

He defends those accused of manufacturing, possessing, and selling or trafficking in synthetic/designer drugs in Savannah and throughout Georgia. Our attorneys have handled synthetic drug cases including:

  • Spice/K2 (synthetic marijuana or synthetic cannabinoids)
  • Bath salts
  • Ketamine (Special K) and ketamine analogs (such as MXE)
  • GBL (gamma-Butyrolactone)
  • Analogs and derivatives of GHB
  • Synthetic PCP
  • Synthetic heroin (Suboxone, Dilaudid)

If you have been arrested for allegedly possessing a synthetic substance in Georgia, you should know that these types of criminal charges are extraordinarily complex. At Jarrett Maillet J.D., P.C. we aggressively defend our clients who have been arrested for synthetic drugs.

Our Savannah, GA defense attorneys are experienced litigators. We prepare every case for trial. Local prosecutors know, when facing our firm, they are facing a team of dedicated, aggressive litigators who will fight to protect their clients’ rights.

We do everything in our power to defeat your drug charges. Our synthetic drug attorneys in Savannah, GA look at all of the circumstances surrounding your arrest and examine police action, including whether police had probable cause to stop and search you, whether search warrants were valid, and any interrogation methods used.

We also examine lab testing procedures and chain of custody. If the drug in your possession does not match the chemical makeup that is banned under Georgia law, you cannot be charged with a crime.

If you have been arrested for the possession or sale of a synthetic drug such as Kush, K2, or Spice, you should contact an experienced Georgia criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The Savannah drug attorneys at Jarrett Maillet J.D., P.C. have been defending people all over the Savannah area against various drug crimes for more than a decade.

Much of the worry over criminal allegations comes from dealing with the unknown. Our attorneys will provide you with a high level of customer service that enables you to be well informed. We handle cases throughout coastal and southern Georgia. We work exclusively in the defense of clients charged with state and federal crimes. To schedule an appointment and a free consultation with our Savannah office, contact us today at 912-713-3426.