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What Rights Do You Lose as a Convicted Felon in Georgia?

Posted in Civil Rights, Local on June 21, 2018

You might know that a conviction can be troublesome for your future, but do you understand all of the rights and freedoms you stand to lose as a convicted felon? Felony convictions can follow a person around forever, interfering with employment and housing opportunities as well as many other aspects of life. The myriad of…

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Georgia Truancy Laws

Posted in Uncategorized on June 19, 2018

Skipping school might seem like a harmless or normal part of being a kid – until parents get into serious legal trouble. The legal word for skipping school is “truancy,” and it could end up with a criminal case against your family. Learning Georgia’s truancy laws can help you avoid a criminal record as a…

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What Are the Criminal Charges for Underage Drinking in Georgia?

Posted in Local on June 18, 2018

Georgia lawmakers take underage drinking seriously. You may think everyone does it, or that getting caught won’t have major or lifetime consequences. Unfortunately for teens, this isn’t true. One mistake involving underage drinking could follow you for years to come. The attorney you hire for your defense and the steps you take together can help…

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Revenge Porn Laws in Georgia

Posted in Sex Crimes on June 18, 2018

“Revenge porn” has been a recent topic of conversation among Georgia lawmakers. Revenge porn refers to a trend in which someone posts sexually explicit photographs or videos of a person to the internet without that person’s permission. Revenge porn has become such an issue in Georgia that lawmakers voted unanimously to pass a bill criminalizing…

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What Are the Differences Between Record Sealing, Pardons, and Expungements?

Posted in Civil Rights on June 4, 2018

Like most states, Georgia has laws in place that give certain convicted criminals the opportunity to erase, reverse, or seal their records. Three different options exist depending on the situation and the individual’s goals for his or her case: record sealing, pardon, and expungement. Each involves a different legal process with very different outcomes for…

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What Is a Good Behavior Warrant (Good Behavior Bond)?

Posted in Uncategorized on May 25, 2018

Georgia law has a provision that permits judicial officers to issue a “good behavior warrant” or “good behavior bond” to those whose conduct justifies the belief that someone else’s safety is in danger. Upon return of the warrant, the court may require collateral in the form of a bond for the individual’s good behavior for…

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Georgia State Bill 614: What Would This Mean for People with Prior Convictions?

Posted in Drug Crimes, Local on May 25, 2018

Georgia historically has strict anti-marijuana laws which criminalize the possession of cannabis for non-medical reasons. The state’s medical marijuana laws are also severely limited, although recent reports confirm Gov. Nathan Deal recently signed a bill to extend them. Getting caught with one ounce or less of marijuana is currently a misdemeanor, punishable up to one year…

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What Is the Difference Between Civil Libel and Criminal Libel?

Posted in Civil Rights on May 24, 2018

America’s criminal and civil court systems operate entirely separate from one another: the criminal justice system serves to convict people of crimes and penalize them with sentences, such as fines and jail time, whereas the purpose of the civil justice system is to provide financial recovery to individuals and families who suffer harms because of…

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Can Verbal Threats Be Charged Criminally?

Posted in Civil Rights on May 24, 2018

A victim might have hard evidence against someone who leaves a written threat or intimidating text message, but what if the individual simply spoke the threat out loud, with or without witnesses? Charging a verbal threat as a crime can be tricky in terms of presenting evidence and building a case against the defendant. Still,…

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Does the 3-Strikes Law Exist in Georgia?

Posted in Civil Rights on May 23, 2018

Receiving a felony conviction in Georgia can seriously impact your future. You won’t only be looking at a few month or years in jail, but at a lifetime of consequences to your career, housing, education, relationships, and life. As someone with a felony charge against you, you must take serious thought about preparing your defense….

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