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Can Social Media Be Used As Evidence?

Posted in Uncategorized on April 4, 2018

Attorneys can present social media posts as evidence in court. Once you post something to Facebook, you willingly share it with the internet. The law about illegally obtaining evidence no longer applies because you chose to release the information and share it with anyone who can view it. If the post or photo is relevant,…

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Difference Between Public and Private Prisons

Posted in Crime on April 3, 2018

Much controversy surrounds public and private prisons. Local, state, or federal governments own and operate public prisons. The law requires public prisons to make certain information public because taxpayer money funds them. Almost all prisons were public up until the 1980s. A third party owns and operates a private prison, and the government contracts it….

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What Are Designer Drugs?

Posted in Drug Crimes on April 2, 2018

Designer drugs mimic the effects of widespread, popular drugs. They are illegal and often made synthetically in a lab. Designer drugs have far less sophisticated regulations because many of them are homemade and contain common ingredients, such as cleaning chemicals. If you have been accused of designer drug usage, dealing, or cooking, contact Jarrett Maillet…

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Georgia Tax Fraud Laws

Posted in Crime on April 1, 2018

Georgia Tax fraud occurs when someone tries to evade paying his or her full amount of taxes. Tax fraud often occurs when people intentionally falsify documents or provide incorrect tax information. If you have been accused of tax fraud in Georgia, contact Jarrett Maillet J.D., P.C. for help and advice about how to move forward….

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Georgia Kidnapping Laws

Posted in Crime on March 31, 2018

Kidnapping can be a complicated accusation. Under Georgia law, courts define kidnapping as a person taking another person without lawful authority and holding him or her without his or her consent. It can become complex when the court determines whether the person taken gave consent and what is considered consent. If you or a loved…

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Georgia Indecent Exposure Laws

Posted in Crime on March 30, 2018

In Georgia, indecent exposure is also known as “public indecency.” It occurs when someone intentionally exposes him or herself in public or performs lewd or sexual acts in a public place. Being charged with indecent exposure involves many punishments, one of which is registering as a sex offender. What Is Considered a Public Place? The…

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What Is Extradition?

Posted in Uncategorized on March 29, 2018

A state or country moves a person accused of a crime to another state or country for his or her punishment in a process called extradition. Often, the accused person was in another state or country in an effort to flee from his or her alleged criminal acts. If you or a loved one has…

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What Are Extortion, Blackmail, and Larceny?

Posted in Crime on February 28, 2018

One might hear someone use the terms “extortion,” “blackmail,” and “larceny” interchangeably, but in fact they are three separate crimes. Each term refers to a specific illegal action allegedly taken by the defendant. Learning the distinction between the three terms can help you understand a recent charge police brought against you or a loved one….

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What Is Money Laundering?

Posted in Crime on February 27, 2018

“Money laundering” can refer to any process in which a criminal obtains money illegally, but disguises it to appear as legal activity. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the estimated amount of money laundered globally each year is around $2 trillion. Any number of illegal activities can constitute money laundering if…

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What Is Telemarketing Fraud?

Posted in Crime on February 26, 2018

Thanks to advancing technologies, fraud has become a widespread issue globally. More sophisticated hackers and fraud schemes crop up each year, stealing money, property, and identities from victims. Telemarketing fraud can describe many different scams that take place over the phone. If someone has accused you of telemarketing fraud in Georgia, here’s what you need…

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