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Savannah Federal Drug Crime Attorney

A federal drug crime can be charged when the drug offenses occur on federal property, or when the alleged crime involves an undercover federal agent. The most common way that federal drug charges are brought is in a case of drug trafficking or distribution. Whereas the majority of local and state arrest are made on charges of possession.

Another difference between federal and state drug laws is the severity of consequences after a conviction. Federal drug charges generally carry harsher punishments and longer sentences. If you are facing federal drug charges, contact an experienced Savannah federal drug crimes lawyer for legal help and defense.

Savannah Federal Drug Crime Lawyer

Facing any federal charge can feel overwhelming, but federal drug laws present an additional set of challenges. Federal charges carry heavy penalties for even first offenses, and repeat offenders can quickly face life in prison. Often times an individual charged with a federal drug crime is alleged to be a part of a larger conspiracy which drastically increases an individual’s potential sentence.

Drug laws are extremely complex. Penalties are generally based upon the type and quantity of the substance involved. At Jarrett Maillett J.D., P.C. we have extensive experience in successfully defending a wide variety of drug crimes in both federal and state courts. Clients need to understand that when it comes to drug crimes the deck is strongly stacked against them.

One of the most common drug charges brought in Georgia federal court is possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine (federal drug charges which involve cocaine, or MDMA/ecstasy are also common). The charge of possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine requires the government to prove:

  • The defendant was in possession of methamphetamine
  • The defendant either knew he or she was, or intended to be in possession of methamphetamine
  • The defendant intended to distribute some or all of the methamphetamine to another person

Also, the most serious drug crimes, and those which are most often investigated and prosecuted by federal agencies (the FBI, DEA), are those involving international or interstate smuggling and trafficking or those involving large amounts of Schedule I or II substances, which are considered to be most dangerous of all controlled substances. LSD, heroin, cocaine and methamphetamines are all examples of Schedule I and Schedule II drugs.

A conviction for a federal drug crime may result in penalties as extensive as life imprisonment, heavy fines, probation and much more; however, specific penalties will vary depending upon the type of drug, the amount, the offense itself and federal sentencing guidelines.

Federal drug charges often carry severe mandatory sentences with few ways out. When facing a federal drug sentence your options are usually limited and you are forced to make a quick decision that will have a dramatic impact on the rest of your life. It is necessary to have a Savannah federal drug crime lawyer with years of experience handling federal drug cases to give you the best possible advice.

There a number of factors that can drastically increase your sentence, including:

  • If a firearm was used in connection with dealing drugs
  • If you have been previously convicted of a felony
  • If you dealt or manufactured near a school
  • If death or injury resulted from the drug usage
  • If you distributed drugs to a person under 21
  • If you used a person under 18 to assist you in dealing drugs

Any of these factors can add many years on your sentence. That is why Jarrett Maillet J.D., P.C. fights every element at every step of the way. A drug conviction will negatively impact your future. Don’t let one mistake today follow you for years to come. Contact Jarrett Maillet J.D., P.C., today at 912-713-3426 for a free initial consultation.