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Probation is a punishment for committing a crime that allows you to spend less time in jail or avoid jail time altogether. In order to reach the best possible outcome you must require the legal representation of an experienced Savannah, GA probation violation lawyer to fight on your behalf. In exchange for this leniency, you agree to certain restrictions on your life. Common probation rules require you to:

  • Meet with your probation officer on a set schedule
  • Attend counseling related to your offense, such as drug or alcohol abuse or anger management
  • Get random drug tests
  • Stay in a specific geographic area and/or wear a monitoring device
  • Avoid contact with known criminals, such as members of your gang or other associates
  • Perform community service
  • Probation is usually available only for misdemeanors and first-time offenders.

Probation comes with many strict rules. One misstep may cause your probation sentence to be revoked, forcing you to serve your sentence in jail. At Jarrett Maillet J.D., P.C., our probation violation lawyers in Savannah, GA provide strong, effective defense against both misdemeanor and felony probation violations. Common probation violations include:

  • Technical violations – including failure to report to your PO or failure to pay fines
  • Misdemeanor violations – if you are charged with a misdemeanor, your probation sentence may be revoked even before your misdemeanor charge has been resolved
  • Felony violations – being charged with a felony will put your probation at risk

If you commit a probation violation your probation officer will often handle technical violations. For a minor or first violation, you may get only a warning. For more serious or repeat violations, your probation officer may report you to the court and you will be required to attend a hearing.

At the hearing, a judge will determine if you have committed a parole violation and will set your punishment. Punishments can vary based on the severity of the violation and your history of probation violations. Potential consequences include the following:

  • Extension of the length of your probation
  • Short jail stay followed by continuation of probation
  • Revocation of probation, resulting in the jail time you had previously avoided
  • Payment of a fine

To ensure you follow all the rules of your probation sentence, the judge will usually assign a probation officer to your case. You may be required to check in with this individual regularly, as well as notify him or her of any changes in your personal life – such as an updated address, phone number, or job. You may even have to get your probation officer’s permission if you plan to travel outside of the court’s jurisdiction.

Should you fail to follow the terms of your sentence, your probation officer may notify the judge who originally sentenced you. If this happens, a hearing will be scheduled to determine your guilt. Once the judge has reviewed your case and reviewed the evidence against you, he or she will make a ruling. If you are found guilty, the length of your probation may be extended or the judge may impose new guidelines. In some cases, your probation may even be revoked entirely and a jail sentence issued in its place.

Fortunately, you may be able to avoid the consequences associated with a probation violation. In many cases, an experienced criminal attorney in Savannah, GA may be able to challenge the evidence in your case and get the charges against you dismissed.

If you or a loved one violated the terms of your probation, you are at risk of having your probation revoked. Protect your probation sentence, avoid jail, contact Jarrett Maillet, today. We will try to avoid a violation charge all together by working to build a strong case against accusations as quickly as possible.

Our team is dedicated to protecting your rights and freedom, and will do everything we can to keep you out of court. If your case goes to a hearing, our Savannah, GA probation violation attorneys will provide effective arguments that help you obtain a favorable result. We are recognized for our criminal defense skill, and have the experience necessary to ensure your probation violation does not negatively affect your future. Contact us today at 912-713-3426 for a free consultation.