Violated Probation? Benefits of Hiring a Probation Violations Lawyer

Have you or a loved one violated probation and have concerns about the future? There are more than 4.5 million people on probation or parole around the United States.

A violation of probation can have many different consequences. This can depend on your history in the system and kind of probation violation.

A lawyer with lots of violation of probation case experience can help you in criminal court. Read on to learn about the benefits of hiring a lawyer when you have violated probation!

What Is a Probation Violation?

When you first learn that you have violated probation, you may not understand what it means. You may also be wondering how it can impact your future. The first thing to remember is to stay calm and know that you aren’t alone.

Violating probation is not an unusual situation for people across the country. In Georgia and other parts of the United States, they are special courts for probation cases.

There are many reasons that you may be accused of violating your probation. Some examples are missing a meeting with your probation officer or a positive drug test. Sometimes, you may have an arrest for new criminal charges.

Your violation of probation lawyer can help you with understanding the alleged violations. They can then guide you through the best approach to addressing each one.

Criminal Law Knowledge

Criminal law is a unique area of law that requires a lawyer to know many different areas and nuances. These include the statutes in Georgia and many different elements of constitutional law.

The most important areas for an attorney to know are Georgia’s Criminal Code and the U.S. Constitution.

The Criminal Code

The Criminal Code is a large set of statutes that govern the definition of crimes in the State of Georgia. This defines the severity of a crime, the elements, and the potential sentences.

The rules of Criminal Procedure are also found in the Criminal Code. The rules of procedure define how the criminal courts in the State of Georgia operate. This includes deadlines for filing documents and what they must include.

Knowing these documents is essential to handling your probation case the right way.

The Constitution’s Protections

The Fourth Amendment protects you from unlawful search and seizure by the government. For example, a police officer cannot stop and search you without legal justification.

If a government actor violates this right, you can use this in favor of dismissing violations. Your lawyer will have training in how to draft a motion and file it with the court.

If your lawyer is successful, the judge may rule that the state must dismiss the new criminal charges. This is an important part of defending you against a probation violation brought about after a new arrest.

Many different amendments will come into play during a criminal case. Without this knowledge, you are at a distinct disadvantage in defending your case.

Local Experience and Reputation

The legal world encompasses every aspect of our lives. From family law to criminal law, an attorney often specializes in a certain area of the legal system.

You should choose an attorney that specializes in criminal law. That’s because they can provide you with the best probation violation tips and advice.

Besides experience, an attorney should have a strong reputation in the legal community. Finding an attorney with experience in your court system is helpful.

A Georgia lawyer’s experience in the local community can also work in your favor. They will have familiarity with how the prosecutor tends to look at a probation violation. They will also have an appreciation for how best to present your case to a judge.

This can help your counsel prepare for your probation case. Whether it is for a violation hearing or negotiating a plea deal with a prosecutor.

Use of Negotiation Skills

Your attorney must have strong negotiation skills to represent your interests. In law school, a lawyer receives training about how to make persuasive arguments.

This training is a valuable skill to be the most effective criminal law attorney. If your probation violation is for committing a new crime, it is a fact-intensive analysis.

A lawyer will review the totality of the circumstances to develop the best arguments. These can be the basis for a winning case. They can also present these issues to a prosecutor during plea negotiations.

These can help you receive lesser charges or have the case dismissed altogether.

A Trusted Advocate in Your Corner

An attorney gives you a trusted advocate to handle your probation violation case. Your lawyer will be a source of knowledge and experience about the law that you don’t have on your own.

The attorney-client relationship revolves around trust and confidentiality. You must be open and honest with your lawyer about the facts surrounding your case.

The attorney-client privilege is one of the most important elements of your relationship with counsel. With limited exceptions, what you tell your counsel remains confidential between you and them. This will give you peace of mind that you can be candid with your lawyer.

An open line of communication gives your attorney a real look at the facts. Without this element, your lawyer will not be the most effective advocate on your behalf.

A probation violation attorney understands that people make mistakes. They are compassionate advocates ready to protect the rights of the accused. This mindset motivates them to help people in your situation.

Have You Violated Probation and Need a Lawyer?

If you have violated probation, you need a lawyer who has experience and a passion for criminal law. This will give you the best representation as you go through this process.

At Maillet Criminal Law, we serve clients accused of committing crimes in Georgia. This representation also includes defending you against probation violation accusations.

We guide our clients through the criminal justice system and act as advocates in and out of court. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you with your probation violation case!

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