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Weapons charges are a serious offense in the state of Georgia, as the majority of weapons charges are felonies. The determination of whether a weapons charge is considered a felony or misdemeanor depends on the kind of weapon the defendant is in possession of upon arrest, intent with the weapon, and prior criminal offenses. The legal defense of an experienced Savannah, GA weapon crime attorney will help your chances of getting the crime reduced to a misdemeanor.

Most state statutes are divided into two categories of weapon charges: possession and use. The first category focuses on the mere possession of a certain weapons. A defendant can be charged and convicted of possessing an illegal weapon, even though no one was hurt, threatened, or even saw the weapon.

Savannah, GA Weapon Permits

In Georgia, adults do not need a permit to buy a gun. Under Georgia law, a person needs a permit to carry a weapon openly or to carry a gun concealed on (or near) the body. Without a carry license, Georgia gun owners cannot take handguns out into the community, but can possess guns on their own property, and inside their homes, motor vehicles, and places of business. (Ga. Code Ann. 16-11-126) That being said, adults in Georgia do not need permits to buy or possess handguns that they keep in their homes for protection.

Gun and weapons charges are handled very harshly in Georgia, and convictions for these types of offenses usually result in jail time, large fines, and criminal records that can affect a person’s life for many years. The exact penalties for a weapons charge depend on several factors, including the type of weapon, what was being done with the weapon, if the weapon was loaded or concealed, and the defendant’s criminal record.

There are many different weapons that fall under the umbrella of “deadly weapons” and if you are facing criminal charges from using or possessing a weapon in Georgia you will need the help of a weapon charges lawyer in Savannah, GA.

At Jarrett Maillet J.D., P.C., our Savannah criminal attorneys realize how serious weapon charges are and have seen how greatly affected a person’s life can be by being convicted of this type of offense. Whether you have received a weapons charge because of a gun or another device such as a knife, you should contact our office today.

Weapons charges in Georgia can carry a lengthy prison sentence as well as consequences that last for a lifetime. There are a variety of Georgia gun crimes including:

  • Illegally possessing or selling a firearm
  • Carrying a gun without proper permits
  • Using a firearm while committing a separate crime
  • Theft of a firearm
  • Possession of illegal firearms
  • Possessing a weapon while on parole or probation
  • Possessing a concealed weapon without proper permit or license
  • Possessing a firearm with a changed serial number
  • Juvenile crime of minor possessing a firearm
  • Felon in possession of a weapon

According to Georgia law weapons are prohibited in schools, places of worship, government buildings, jails, hospitals, courthouses and state mental hospitals, among other locations. Dangerous weapons are not allowed in any location.

Dangerous weapons include hand grenades, sawed-off shotguns or rifles, guns with silencers, rocket launchers, machine guns and bazookas. Other less obvious illegal concealed weapons include knives, guns, nunchucks, tasers, knuckles, razor blades, darts, bats and clubs.

At Jarrett Maillet J.D., P.C., we are equipped to defend against any charges, including misdemeanor and felony weapons offenses. We are known for providing cutting edge defense backed by client focused counsel.

If you need us to aggressively negotiate a favorable deal, we are ready to help and go the extra mile for the best possible outcome. Contact our office today at 912-713-3426 for a free consultation. We know who you are up against, and the strategies prosecutors will use to “prove” your guilt. We are prepared to defend you in front of a judge and jury.