When and Why You Should Hire a Savannah Criminal Defense Lawyer

It is a nice thought to think we live in a utopian society in which everyone gets along and nothing is ever out of place. Unfortunately, that is not the case. People do mess up, break the law, and at times, are falsely accused of a crime. It is up to our legal system to sort out the problems and make proper judgements for parties involved. When you are faced with a court case, you need to hire the best criminal defense lawyer in Savannah, Ga.

When to Hire a Defense Lawyer

From minor court cases to larger ones, it is always recommended that you hire a good defense lawyer. Sometimes people get caught up in the gravity of their defense and believe that their case is too small to warrant the expense of hiring a lawyer, but how can you really place a price on your freedom? Our justice system is set up to provide a fair trial to everyone involved, but unfortunately, without proper representation, things do not always work out in our favor. Hiring an excellent defense lawyer way is a step that should never be missed no matter how small or large your case seems to be.

Professionals are Necessary

When your car begins making noises or notification lights come on indicating there is an internal issue, you do not take it to the local salon in hopes of finding a qualified mechanic. You will take that vehicle to a mechanic you trust to give you’re the right fix for the vehicle. The same notion should be used in your defense.
Where it is true that you are allowed, according to law, to represent yourself in most cases, it is not recommended. You might be the best in your chosen field, but if you have yet to pass the bar exam and become a licensed lawyer, you likely do not know the ins and outs of the legal process. Few people actually become career criminals and may only set foot in a courtroom once in their life. Your life ifs far too important to go it alone. You need a professional with expert knowledge to get the job done right.

Time is Not your Friend

When you are charged with a crime, time is not your friend. It will not simply blow over and go away. You must act and act fast to ensure you are treated appropriately throughout the proceedings. The prosecution will work to get your case to court as fast as possible and negotiations for plea deals and filings for evidence discoveries must be completed quickly. A professional lawyer has the experience and know how to get it done fast and correctly to help you get the justice you deserve.

Do Not Answer Questions if You Are Not Properly Represented

It is not uncommon for police and detectives to interrogate defendants. It happens all the time and is one of the things most people expect when they are arrested. However, the Maranda rights are in place for a reason and they plainly tell you that you have the right to remain silent. Maintain that right until you can acquire a defense lawyer. Anything can and will be used against you in a court of law, according to these rights and this is something you should take very seriously.
Questionings are placed to implicate the accused and things that you say can have dire affects on your case during court proceedings. Even the smallest of implications or slip of the tongue can put your case, and your freedom in danger. Tricks and schemes are everywhere in the justice system to implicate criminals, even if no crime was ever committed by the accused. A defense lawyer in place during questioning will ensure that you will have an expert available to stop you from making any seemingly innocent, but harmful admissions. Remember, they are professionals and know the justice system well. Average citizens may not.

Plea Agreements

Plea agreements are in place to allow defendants to plead guilty to a crime in exchange for a lesser sentence. This means that the case will not go to court and you will not be judged by a jury of your peers. Plea agreements can be very tricky and just as stated with Miranda rights, the slightest change or notation in the document can completely alter what you think you are signing.

With a lawyer backing you in your corner, you can rest assured to get a much better deal than going it alone. They understand what can be done with a plea agreement and can make a case for yours to get you the best deal. For those facing criminal cases with potentially long sentences attached, a plea agreement can drastically reduce your time away from the real world. Without it, you will ultimately have to face possibly, long court proceedings.

Your Rights Can Be Violated

Going into a court case without a defense attorney is the quickest way to have the prosecution take full advantage of your novice mentality. Lawyers are trained to understand your rights down to the finest detail and in case any rights may be violated during any portion of the case, your lawyer can present it to the judge for a possible mistrial in your favor. The average Joe walking into a courtroom does not know the justice system as intimately as a lawyer and may not see that any rights were violated when in fact, they have a case for a mistrial available to them.

You Need a Real Defense

This may seem like a no brainer, but should be addressed. When walking into a courtroom defenseless, simply claiming your innocence is not enough. Evidence must be presented on both sides proving innocent or guilty according to the statutes of the law and when you have a defense lawyer on hand, they will fight for you. They help evaluate any existing evidence from the prosecution and can be a huge help in finding quality evidence to prove your innocence as well.

Your Emotions Will Run High

Courtrooms are not meant to be comfortable places to enjoy time. They are designed to be intimidating and when faced with a potential guilty verdict and sentence, your emotions will undoubtably run abnormally high. Having an experienced attorney in your corner will be an intense comfort throughout the proceedings. It is an unimaginable comfort to know that someone is on your side and sitting right beside you the whole time no matter what the charge at hand may be.

What About DUIs?

A Savannah DUI lawyer is essential if you are ever accused of driving under the influence. It can sometimes be difficult to prove that you were or were not driving under the influence and at times, the case can come down to your word against your accuser’s. Thankfully, DUI lawyers are there to help. They work to minimize the possibility of severe consequences and penalties traditionally associated with this type of case. They also can be beneficial in you keeping your license as one of the first things the prosecution may try to do is revoke your license for an extended period of time. A DUI lawyer will also plead your case and ensure that proper evidence is presented to avoid a, your word against theirs case.

But the Courts Provide a Lawyer, Right?

This is true, but when you choose to use a court appointed attorney, you are essentially cutting your defense legs from underneath you. Where there are some court appointed attorneys that take their jobs very seriously and are excellent at providing a quality defense, these can be difficult to find. A court appointed attorney is basically given a list of cases they must take without a thought to their impending work load. What can happen to the defendant is an unintended misrepresentation of their case.

A hired lawyer will devote the time to your case and find evidence to support it. Due to case overload, many court appointed attorneys simply do not have enough time in their day to seek out evidence and chase down leads regarding the case. In the case of defense lawyers, you get what you pay for and if you are unwilling to come up with the funds for a quality defense lawyer instead of a court appointed one, you can be doing your case a lot of damage.

Lawyers are here to help.

They are not something to be feared and when hired by a defendant, really do have the person’s best interest in mind. Whether it is a criminal, civil, or DUI case, you always need to have a lawyer on hand to explain any legal jargon and point you in right direction when moving forward. Trusting solely in a court appointed attorney or going it alone, is no way to fight for your freedom and your rights. Most people will face a court room at some time in their life, so when your time comes, hire the best defense lawyer possible.

Written by Attorney Jarrett Maillet, J.D., P.C.

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