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Savannah, Georgia is one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the South. Consistently named one of the best places to live by Southern Living, lauded by national magazines such as Forbes, and loved by all who visit or live there, it is hard to think of a better place to spend your time working, loving, and playing than Savannah, Georgia.

Whether spending time on Tybee Island, at the Historic District, checking out the myriad of museums, or simply enjoy some of the best cocktails on earth, Savannah is one of the most inviting and welcoming cities in the world.

Still, such a picturesque setting can cause us to drop our guard a little, and if you do that in Savannah odds are you will end up finding yourself at the Chatham County Courthouse. If you drive or own a business in Savannah, there is a good chance you will end up dealing with Chatham County Recorder’s Court at some point. Tasked with prosecuting and adjudicating all traffic and ordinance violations for Chatham County, Chatham County Recorder’s Court, which is located at 133 Montgomery St., is where you will find yourself if you are caught speeding, driving while under the influence, or for building or business code violations.
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Chatham County, Georgia Recorder’s Court
If you have a court date in Savannah, you may be wondering things like “What is a Recorder’s Court?” and “What is a Recorder’s Court Solicitor?” While Recorder’s Court is essentially a court for traffic and ordinance violations, it can still be confusing and difficult to navigate.

Whether you need more information on your court date and status, representation for an offense, or even help gaining access to your Chatham County Court Records, Jarrett Maillett J.D., P.C. can help.
You don’t have to go in alone – Jarrett Maillett J.D., P.C. is a former prosecutor, and he and his staff are ready to be your insider ally in your fight for fairness and justice.

Savannah, Georgia Municipal Court

The Chatham County Recorder’s Court serves as the Municipal Court for the city of Savannah as well, so traffic or code violations within the city itself are dealt with by the Savannah, GA Municipal Court. If you have traffic court for a violation in Savannah, Georgia, this is where the case will be heard.

Incidents such as speeding, driving without a seatbelt, minor drug possession, and even parking tickets, while seeming small, can complicate your life for years to come if they are not dealt with the right way the first time. Never gamble with your future by trying to represent yourself. Jarrett Maillett J.D., P.C. is there to help.
Don’t let a simple mistake get complicated. Future relationships, career opportunities, and jobs can all be affected by misdemeanor charges from your past. Make sure you are not haunted tomorrow by an accident you made yesterday.

The Superior Court of Chatham County, Georgia

The Superior Court of Chatham County, Georgia resides in the same building as the Recorder’s Court, along with several other official entities. The Superior Court deals with all sorts of infractions, both minor and major, and with civil matters that are in excess of 25,000 dollars.

Housed in the same building are the Chatham County Probate Clerk and the Chatham County Clerk of Courts. The Chatham County Probate Court deals with matters of debt and inheritance in situations where someone has passed away. The Clerk of Courts houses records including the Chatham County Jail Records.
Dealing with courts can be difficult, frustrating, and often requires information that the common lay person does not have easy access to. This is why it is so important to call Jarrett Maillett, J.D., P.C. right away. He is the go-to lawyer in Savannah, Georgia for helping you navigate the confusing world of legal matters. Don’t complicate your first mistake by trying to figure all of this out yourself. Let Jarrett Maillett J.D., P.C. be there for you.

Whether it is something as simple as a Savannah, Georgia ticket payment, appealing a Savannah parking ticket, or making sure of the Savannah solicitor’s schedule, Jarrett Maillet J.D., P.C. can make sure you get the best possible ruling in your favor.


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