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Hinesville Domestic Violence Lawyer

The term “domestic violence” broadly defines any type of abuse or violence that occurs within a family and/or household. Domestic violence is taken very seriously by law enforcement in Hinesville, and police have a legal duty to protect the alleged victim from any further harm. A Hinesville domestic violence defense lawyer can help you if you have been charged with any type of domestic violence.

Experienced Defense Counsel for Domestic Violence Cases in Hinesville, GA

While domestic violence is a pervasive issue throughout the United States, it is also one of the most commonly falsely accused offenses. Unfortunately, many people levy false allegations of domestic violence out of spite or in their efforts to gain legal advantages in divorce and child custody cases. For example, one parent may accuse the other of abuse in an effort to deny them custody rights over the couple’s children.

Whether you broke the law or have been falsely accused, an experienced Hinesville domestic violence defense lawyer can preserve your rights and help you approach this very difficult case with peace of mind. Jarrett Maillet J.D., P.C., has the experience and the professional resources you want when you have been accused of any type of domestic violence, and the sooner you secure legal counsel after an accusation, the better your chances of forming an effective defense.

Understanding Domestic Violence Charges in the State

Georgia law defines domestic violence as violence or abuse that occurs between family members or members of the same household. Domestic violence can apply to a situation that occurs between family members who do not live together or one that arises between household members who are not blood-related. Domestic violence can involve physical, sexual, and psychological abuse of any kind.

It’s important to understand that domestic violence charges typically involve specific criminal offenses that meet the definition of domestic violence due to the relationships between the parties involved in the case. For example, if one person threatens to hit another person, it is generally classified as assault. If a domestic partner does the same to the other partner, it would be domestic assault.

One key issue that commonly sets domestic violence cases apart from most other criminal cases is the fact that domestic violence may have ramifications in both the criminal court system and the family court system. For example, an incident of spousal battery could lead to a divorce, and a parent’s history of violence will work against them in a child custody dispute. Additionally, a domestic violence conviction can influence the defendant’s future job prospects and more.

Defending Against Domestic Violence Accusations

It’s an unfortunate reality that many people attempt to weaponize the criminal justice system against others through false or wrongful accusations. For example, it is common for one party to initiate an incident of domestic violence and then accuse their victim of starting the incident. When the police arrive to investigate a scene of domestic violence, they are required by law to prevent further harm to the victim.

If you have been falsely accused of committing domestic violence in your own home, it can be incredibly distressing to see the police side with the attacker and remove you from the home. The natural compulsion is to try to explain the situation and give your side of the events, but if you are under arrest, it will only work against you. As unfair as it may seem, it suits your interests to comply with arresting officers and remain silent until you can speak with legal counsel.

If you did commit some type of domestic violence, defense representation can be especially crucial. Domestic violence cases are almost always highly emotionally charged affairs, and it can be difficult for anyone to remain objective about the legal issues they face in this type of case. However, the right attorney can help their client remain focused and determine their most viable defenses to the charges filed against them.

What to Expect From a Hinesville Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

Preparing your defense in any domestic violence case can be incredibly challenging without trustworthy legal counsel on your side. Your defense attorney can carefully review the details of your arrest and booking to ensure that the arresting officers upheld the laws of due process and respected your civil and constitutional rights throughout the entire ordeal. They can also help you prepare for each new phase of your proceedings.

When it comes to the case filed against you, it is the prosecution’s burden to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and it is your defense lawyer’s job to prevent them from accomplishing this. How they accomplish this will depend on the unique details of your case. Your attorney can help you establish a different version of events by leveraging evidence and witness testimony. A good defense attorney will also know how to capitalize on faults in the prosecution’s evidence.

It is vital to secure reliable defense representation when you are charged with domestic violence. The effects of your case could impact your life in various ways, potentially resulting in you losing custody of your children or leading to incarceration and other serious penalties. A record of domestic violence conviction will also interfere with your life in other ways in the future. The more time a defense attorney has to work on your case, the better.

Jarrett Maillet J.D., P.C. can leverage years of professional experience in criminal defense for you, helping you identify all the various forms of evidence that may come into play and influence the direction of your case. Success with your case may require establishing an alibi, proving an alternate version of events to that proposed by the prosecution, or proving that you were falsely accused.

An experienced Hinesville domestic violence defense lawyer is an invaluable asset if you have been charged with any form of domestic violence. Contact Jarrett Maillet J.D., P.C., today, schedule your case review with a defense attorney, and learn more about the legal services we can provide for you.