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Located between Savannah, Georgia, to the north, and Jacksonville, Florida, to the South, McIntosh County, GA is a great place for residents and tourists alike. This is the place to enjoy fishing right off our docks and to visit historic sites including Fort King George, with live reenactments, the Butler Plantation and rice fields as well as churches and monuments.

Although McIntosh County has preserved the Old South quite well, it has also grown significantly since it was incorporated. That can sometimes result in some new residents or visitors stumbling into some legal issues.

Fortunately, you will discover that we have the best criminal lawyer in McIntosh County, GA at Jarrett Maillet J.D., P.C. With many years of combined experience working on a plethora of criminal cases, our reputable law firm has been assisting clients throughout this historic county.

Maillet knows how having a criminal record can negatively impact someone’s life, which is why our top-notch defense team works day and night to provide our clients excellent legal representation. If you have been charged for a crime in McIntosh County, Georgia, criminal defense attorney Jarrett Maillet is ready to help you win your case.

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For those unfamiliar with the job description of a criminal defense lawyer, it can be quite extensive. Specializing in the defense of individuals and companies charged with a crime, what a criminal defense lawyer does involves fulfilling numerous roles during the criminal case on the client’s behalf. These include:

Case Assignment

A criminal defense lawyer may be contacted directly by the defendant. In some cases, a court may appoint a private lawyer to take a specific case.

Interview About The Case

During the criminal defense lawyer’s meeting with the client, he or she would try to gather as many details about the case as possible. By doing so, he or she can learn about possible defenses and strengths and weaknesses surrounding the case. This requires detailed questioning of the defendant.

Investigation Into The Case

Aside from asking questions about the case, he or she must investigate the case further to determine any possibilities for acquitting the defendant. This typically includes questioning police about the procedures they used, speaking with witnesses who have information about the case, and gathering information about the case. This is used in an effort to build a strong defense for the case.

Analysis Of Evidence

Analyzing the evidence against a criminal defendant means that the criminal defense lawyer must study the facts and theories of the case carefully. In fact, he or she may examine the evidence to possibly rule out any legal theories that go against his or her client’s conviction.

Continued Contact With The Client

A criminal defense lawyer must contact his or her client often to communicate any new developments in the case. Aside from ensuring that every conversation with the client is kept confidential, the lawyer must also make sure that he or she provides information about the case to the client so that he or she understandings the possible consequences.

Jury Selection

A criminal defense lawyer is involved in the jury selection process. This means he or she may have jurors removed if they believe they may be biased against the defendant.

Plea Bargaining

A criminal defense lawyer is also responsible for negotiating with the prosecutor regarding any plea bargain. He or she may be able to secure a favorable deal for the defendant which results in a reduction of charges.

Trial Participation

A criminal defense lawyer examines witnesses, cross-examines the state’s witnesses and tries to convince the jury that the prosecution failed to find the burden of proof.


If the criminal defendant is sentenced for the crime either because of a plea bargain or for being convicted by the judge or jury, a criminal defense lawyer can still represent the defendant during the sentencing phase. He or she may try to convince the judge or jury to limit the amount of time that the defendant serves and discuss alternatives to incarceration.

Now, even if you believe you have committed a crime and want to plead guilty, it is imperative that you consult an experienced attorney before responding to a criminal prosecution. At the very least, a competent attorney can warrant that the charges brought against you are just, given the facts of the case, and help you receive the lowest possible penalty. While you have the right to proceed without representation, experienced criminal lawyers advise against it even if your only option is going with a public defender.

Are You Seeking Legal Advice On A Criminal Charge You Received In Mcintosh County, GA? Schedule a Consultation With Our Criminal Defense Team At (912) 713-3426.

Our criminal defense attorney fees vary based on a few things including the expertise level of each attorney, the seriousness of the offense, the intricacy of the legal issues in the case and if the case heads to trial. Criminal cases that require the use of investigators or expert witnesses would also need to be factored into the retainer.

Being that the attorney fees can add up, we encourage our clients to ask us about how our billing works. Do not hesitate to ask why we charge what we do and how we plan on using our time to ensure you get the best possible results. We don’t want you to have any surprises going into our attorney-client relationship.

About Jarrett Maillet J.D., P.C.

For the best criminal lawyer in McIntosh County, GA, look no further than our criminal defense attorneys at Jarrett Maillet, J.D., P.C. Our legal team provides everyone with a free consultation in order for you to have a better idea of what we can do for you and your case. You just need to call us to begin working on your case today.

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