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Richmond Hill, Georgia is a city of immense history and beauty. Richmond Hill is a community connected through places like the J.F. Gregory City Park, and the Richmond Hill Farmers’ Market. In Richmond Hill, we all do our best to be a positive part of that community, but we all make mistakes.

If you live in Richmond Hill, GA, there is a likely chance that at some point you will have some interaction with the Richmond Hill Municipal Court. Located at 100 US-80, Richmond Hill Municipal Court handles civil and criminal matters ranging from motor vehicle infractions to certain felonies. While we all do our best to live within the laws of our great country, as humans we falter sometimes. In Richmond Hill, GA, when people find themselves on the wrong side of the law, they have learned to turn to Saseen Bail Bonds and Jarrett Maillet J.D., P.C.

Jarrett Maillet is a name that the residents of Richmond Hill trust, and understandably so. Jarrett Maillet J.D., P.C. has an excellent reputation and rave reviews, and the fact that his team is staffed with former prosecutors means you are hiring lawyers with the most in-depth knowledge of our legal system. Jarrett Maillet is the best choice for representation in Richmond Hill, GA and the insider that you need to have your case adjudicated fairly and quickly.

Richmond Hill, Georgia Municipal Court

One question you may have asked yourself is: What is a municipal court? Well, municipal court is a court that deals only with incidents happening within a certain city. They handle small civil cases and many misdemeanors as well as some felony cases. Traffic violations are the most common cases they deal with, ranging from parking tickets to DUI and reckless driving. If you receive a speeding ticket in Richmond Hill, GA, this is most likely the court you will be dealing with.

As for a Richmond Hill municipal court judge, he or she has wide discretion in sentencing and upholding the charges against the accused. Even minor infractions such as possession of fireworks in Richmond Hill, GA, can stay on your record and follow you for the rest of your life. As a former prosecutor, Jarrett Maillet knows the judges that will be handling your sentence and how to work with them to get you the most favorable outcome possible. Jarrett Maillet can also assist in the recovery of Richmond Hill, GA accident reports and other paperwork.

When it comes to Richmond Hill, GA accident reports and other paperwork, those are available through the local municipal court. Getting to the courthouse to get paperwork and the red tape involved can represent a real challenge to the average citizen. Just the retrieval of these records can result in missed work, missed time with family, and all kinds of anxiety and worry. Hiring a lawyer that is familiar with all of the hoops to jump through can save you time, money, and peace of mind. Jarrett Maillet can help with the recovery of:

  • Accident reports for Richmond Hill, GA
  • Speeding tickets for Richmond Hill, GA
  • Parking tickets for Richmond Hill, GA
  • Criminal complaints for Richmond Hill, GA
  • All other paperwork related to your charges

Bryan County Traffic Court

While traffic citations that occur within the city limits of Richmond Hill, GA will be handled by the Richmond Hill Municipal Court, infractions outside of Richmond Hill are handled by the Bryan County Recorders Court. Similar to a municipal court, recorders court deals mainly with lower level infractions ranging from seatbelt violations to DUI. Jarrett Maillet is familiar with all of the procedures for Bryan County Traffic Court, and is able to help you navigate through where to be, what to expect, and how to address the charges.

Now, some cases do require a preliminary court hearing. A preliminary hearing is where the evidence is presented against you and the judge makes a determination as to whether there is enough evidence to proceed to trial. This is a crucial time in your court case and should always be handled by a professional. If you have a preliminary court hearing in Richmond Hill, GA you should call Jarrett Maillet J.D., P.C. at (912) 713-3426. Jarrett Maillet has the expertise and experience necessary to help make sure your preliminary hearing is as far as the court case goes.

Preliminary Court Hearing in Richmond Hill, Georgia

Depending on the citation, both the Bryan County Recorders Court and the Richmond Hill Municipal Court may require a preliminary hearing. At the preliminary hearing, the Richmond Hill Police Department will introduce evidence as to why the case should go to trial. Known for having a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to marijuana and alcohol laws, it is imperative that you not face your preliminary hearing alone. A preliminary hearing is the best time to set the record straight and ask for the case to be dismissed. Going into a preliminary hearing without representation is never advisable.

Are you facing upcoming inspections at your home or business or need to apply to renovate your home or property but are paralyzed by all of the red tape? Something as simple as moving a sink from one side of your house to the other can require multiple trips to the City of Richmond Hill Inspections office and take up hours of your precious time. Let Jarrett Maillet take the pain out of renovations and inspections. They are familiar with local codes and laws and can gather the information you need and file the paperwork you don’t have time to file. Save your valuable free time for your family, hobbies and loved ones and let Jarrett Maillet J.D., P.C. handle the red tape.


If you want topnotch legal representation, Jarrett Maillet J.D., P.C.’s attorneys will provide that for you. We give as much as time and energy as necessary to defend your rights when you are in need of legal counsel in a criminal defense case or in a DUI case in Kingsland, Georgia. Just make a call to us for your free consultation. Our reputable legal team at Jarrett Maillet, J.D., P.C. are eager to help you as they have with their many clients since being in business. Contact us soon so we may get started working on your case today.


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